Growing Awareness COUNSELLING

Transpersonal Counselling
for Individuals and Couples

People usually come to see me because they are facing very real and difficult problems and struggles.  Growing awareness counselling attends to the deeper layers of these experiences.  I specialise in working with individuals or couples who want to get beneath the surface of their issues and create positive change which is deep and long-lasting. People who are seeking not only to solve their immediate problems but use them to create a richer and more meaningful life.


If you:

  • Know that the problem you are facing runs deep.  Either it has been going on too long, feels like the same pattern you’ve been through before or you see the way it is affecting many different parts of your life.
  • Feel you are currently facing a spiritual or existential crisis, a loss of meaning, trouble integrating deep experiences or insights into your life.
  • Have been diagnosed with a “mental illness” or have experiences of depression, anxiety, visions, voices or other experiences which aren’t shared by others or easily understood.  You’re seeking a non-medical approach, one which is about you and your life and places value on what you feel and think about it.
  • Are having relationship issues and want an approach to relationship counselling which isn’t just about fixing the surface problems, but know that working through what is happening is an opportunity for personal growth for both of you.

…Growing Awareness Counselling may be for you.


Working through problems at this depth requires a commitment to the process. If you really feel ready, I am here to meet you. I don’t offer a miracle cure, or promise enlightenment in a few sessions. The process of deep change is one that takes time, courage and vulnerability. What I do offer is to travel with you as you do the work, to support you to keep exploring and unfolding the layers. I offer compassion and understanding, as well as challenge when it is called for. I also offer counselling tools and techniques sourced from modern psychology and traditional spiritual practices which can help you to open up new places inside yourself.

This style of counselling is holistic in that it recognises that real and sustainable change doesn’t come only from thinking and talking about what is happening to you.  Whilst this is important, it is also important to attend to the other aspects of yourself.   This can include emotional experience and expression, delving into the unconscious and the unexpressed parts of you, working directly with physical and energetic experiences, as well as life story and belief systems.  It is a very human approach which values you and the stuff of your life, at the same time as working with your sense of deep meaning and spirituality.

Deep change doesn’t only offer a solution to your current problem; it also brings a greater connection to yourself which flows through to many areas of your life.  You may uncover a new energy for living, more meaningful relationships with others, a deeper sense of purpose and direction and a greater sense of love and trust in yourself.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, you can book in a counselling session.  If you’re still not sure, but want to know more or get to know me first, you can give me a call or email me.  You can also read some counselling testimonials from past clients who have been through the process.

Counselling Testimonials

Read counselling testimonials from clients of Growing Awareness Counselling


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